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Meet Wilder Page- I mean the REAL Wilder Page!

Welcome to the new blog of Wilder Page! For those of you who don’t know me, which is pretty much everyone, I’m a new author and will be publishing my first novel, “The Aria of Galvanize” or “AoG” in July 2020. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a sense of who I am. It’s going to be a little tough for me to share with you who I am because Wilder Page is clearly a pseudonym! Why the pen name? First of all, my real name is so boring it definitely wouldn’t help sell a book! Second, my books include some provocative material. I’d rather write from my heart and take a hit on name credit than censor myself.

So why Wilder Page then? I have an ancestor who was a rugged pioneer (my great-great-great grandfather I think), who was named Wilder Page (REDACTED!). There is lore in my family that he was such a tough dude that he accidentally sawed his finger off while woodworking one day. With an irritated grunt and a snort, he purportedly spat plug tobacco juice on the bleeding stump and squished the severed digit back on, where it then healed back to the hand. I find this story doubtful.

Nevertheless, he sounded like a cool dude and his name evokes the image of a gritty author, so I stole it! I just hope I can do great3 pa-pa justice as a writer hijacking his name. At least I think the real Wilder Page would have found Seven’s (AoG’s protagonist) mysterious healing ability credible, even if inferior to the incredible salutary effects of tobacco-infused saliva.  

That’s all for now, more blog posts forthcoming! In the next weeks I hope to cover some interesting topics, some relevant to my fiction, others probably less so, and next up is “Why do we love post-apocalyptic fiction?”. In the meantime, pre-orders are up for AoG on Amazon and elsewhere, and the ARC copy is up on Netgalley ( I have a lot of work to do getting reviews, so I’ll definitely entertain other requests for an ARC copy, just shoot me an email!

Wilder Out

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